COPTICS laser perforation systems are contactless and produce holes or blind holes in various materials, such as paper ,foil ,vaneer , movie scree and film. The position, diameter and pitch of the holes are exactly maintained.

For most applications, perforation diameters in the range from 80 µm to 800 µm are produced. Perforation speeds of up to 300 m/min.

Advantages of the COPTICS perforation system:

Laser perforation machine can be widely used on different kinds of paper, vaneer, movie screen,cardboard, non-laminated and laminated film. It makes the packages breathable for fruits packaging or laser cut perforation are cut clean leaving a perfect edge allowing sheets to run smoothly.

The widest range of applications imaginable is possible here.

l We offer system solutions for all typical web widths.

l The Syetems are matched individually to our customer requirments.

l Optimal design of laser to match the specific requirements of each industry and use of COPTICS patented technologies.

l COPTICS develop complete concepts and solutions. One stop for everything, from allication development to a complete turnkey installation.

Laser Macro & Micro Perforation for Fruit & Vegetable Packaging

Fresh foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables often have a long journey behind them before they reach the customer. Ensuring quality depends on the right packaging.

The same applies to medical and chemical product packaging. The following methods and products are used in the packaging industry for packaging foils.The main areas of use of the laser perforation machine are
Controlled eay open packaging, Integrated portioning instructions,Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP),Easy Ventilation,  Breathable Film and shaped windows.

The aim of MAP is to establish an equilibrium in the packing between the CO2 and O2 gas exchange so that fresh products remain fresh for longer,the exact micro hole size and frequency is customised to match the respiration of each individual packed product.