Micro perforation packaging 

Laser perforation for microwave packaging 

Laser Technology for MAP Packaging

Laser microperforation technology aids to extended shelf life 

Fresh convenience products should have the longest possible shelf-life, or often require a defined exchange of gases with the environment - a kind of ventilation. The longer the products retain their original appearance and quality, the longer they can be offered to the consumers profitably and in an optically attractive form.

Furthermore, the maximum possible storage periods can be increased, which ultimately also serves to avoid any wastage of products. Laser perforation in the form of the smallest holes in the sheet material allow the specific exchange of atmospheric gases between the products and the product environment, creating a balance in the exchange of gases, so that the freshness of the products is retained over a longer period of time.

The COPTICS Laser Perforation System can be easily adapted to the required customer specifications via the software interface. The laser parameters such as perforation size, distance between holes and the number of holes per packaging are customised in this process. The perforated sheets or even pouch packaging can therefore be tailored optimally to the individual properties of every product and its need for gas exchange.

Modern CO2 lasers are used in the field of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). They can process the materials in the shortest impulses due to high laser performance and precision, so that the desired micro-perforations can be achieved reliably even at high speeds.